Our Inspiration

Shri Jerambhai K. Vasani

Shri Jerambhai K. Vasani was a person that tended to work seriously and with energy and commitment. He put his full efforts into doing, and completing, any task he set for himself with dedication and enthusiasm. His accomplishments were gained through superior ability and with great courage. His way of thinking and his attitude were always resilient and strong.

He stood out from the crowd even when nature did not support his physical capabilities, and effectively went above and beyond to rise through the ranks in his pursuit of opportunities that aligned with his skills and merits. He rejected the mentality that others would care for him or that the world owed him something.

Deeply devoted to family and his community, he supported and cared for his immediate and extended family and often imparted his work ethic, values and belief of education, literacy and the search for knowledge on others despite his lack of access to learning institutions during his lifetime.

Smt. Rambhaben J. Vasani

Smt. Rambhaben Vasani is a generous, loving and helpful woman and always considered other’s feelings with her kind, compassionate nature. She would often find her inspiration from books and biographies which strengthened her faith and trust in God.

She encouraged her children and other young people to take charge of their lives, to address their situation and act to improve their access to resources that would transform their consciousness and empower them through their beliefs, values, and attitudes. Her knowledgeable experiences and faith were a fundamental tenet to teaching wisdom through divine guidance to follow one’s path, use good judgement and gain wisdom from her personal experience of overcoming her own obstacles to accessing learning resources during her youth.

Shri Mukesh J. Vasani

Mukesh Vasani, The Managing Director of Aimtron Electronics Pvt Ltd. founded Aimtron Group of Electronics Manufacturing Companies at the height of the worst recession in 2008. Despite the adverse economic conditions, he has successfully achieved a respectable market position both in United States of America and India. Moving forward, he is well established to expand Aimtron Group of Electronics Manufacturing Companies even further on a global scale with his entrepreneurial background and experience of 30 years.

Bhanu M. Vasani

As the owner and the Chief Executive Officer of Aimtron Systems, Bhanu Vasani is accountable for setting up long term strategy and direction, forming partnerships and reviewing process for continuous improvement and development. She takes great pride to build upon the well-established Aimtron Group Corporate culture and values while leading her executive team. Bhanu also takes ultimate responsibility for obtaining and maintaining appropriate and essential certificates and approvals from all the local, state and federal agencies and manages all the financial activities.

Board Of Directors

Richard Davis


Abel Castillo

Aimtron Corporation

Abel has over 27 years of providing complex solutions in the electronics manufacturing industry. He has additionally held executive level management positions in sales and operations. He has Tier 1 CEM experience and has graduated multi-million-dollar accounts at the global level.

Abel has been the cornerstone and catalyst for the Aimtron Group, being there since its inception and helping to make Aimtron Corporate the fastest growing CEM in the Midwest.

Dhruti Vasani

Aimtron Group of Companies

Dhruti Vasani has been a part of the Aimtron Group of Companies since 2016. After her involvement with the acquisition of Aimtron Systems, LLC. (dba Target Corporation), Dhruti has been instrumental to the integration of the newly acquired company into the Aimtron Corporate Culture.

She brings a fresh outlook to a team of experienced individuals. Dhruti graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance and has leveraged her financial background to support the growth of the company even as it transitioned in ownership and location.

Her next goal is to take Aimtron Systems to the next level by shifting the paradigm to even stronger quality control and more robust processes than ever before.

Nirmal Vasani

Aimtron Group of Companies

Nirmal Vasani is the Sales & Marketing Strategist for Aimtron Design Studio . He brings his experience from the Aimtron Group of Companies to the table, and has a tremendous passion for design.

Our Team

Aimtron Foundation is a platform for giving back to the society. All of us are grateful that we are able to share the experiences and knowledge that we have gained in our career so far. We are industry leaders who bring unique expertise from entrepreneurship, education, technology, manufacturing, human resources and finance sectors with a passion to share.

Janet Gow
Foundation Director
Jerrica Rai Whitlock
Program Coordinator
Nishtha Vasani
Aimtron Group of Companies

Sharmila Bambhaniya

Sharmila Bambhaniya, a fearless leader and a person with a vision, has  transformed the lives of thousands of families in Gujarat. Her primary goal is to empower women and show that with strength and confidence in oneself you can have independence and the ability to stand on your own. Though prominently a male-dominated country, she has worked to change the culture in India to raise awareness of equality for women. Making this belief  her strength, Sharmila has sown the seed of empowering women to believe in themselves and their capabilities to follow their dreams

Sahana Hegde

Global Director – Skill Development

Sahana Hegde, a versatile management professional with over 18+ years of experience in MNCs and the FMCG sector.
Her incredible resilience and infinite passion for achieving her goals lies in her saying “What good is an idea if it’s not executed”

Sahana’s diverse range of experiences and skills make her a valuable asset to our Aimtron Foundation, as a Director – Global Skill Development, Steering towards our vision of Bridging the skill gap between rural and urban education.

Alongside her successful corporate career, Sahana is also deeply passionate about giving back to the community and is volunteering at various charitable organizations. Ananya, her daughter studying masters in clinical psychology also echos the same thought.

Nishtha Vasani

Technical Advisor / Consultant

Dinesh Agrawal

Technical Advisor

DINESH AGRAWAL (Electronics Engineering (BE Hons). , MBA
Joined ISRO in 1990. He’s the Division Head, Space Applications Center, ISRO, Ahmedabad

Responsible for satellite Payload ELECTRONICS fabrication, realization, Process development, quality control for more than 142 satellites Payloads, industry interface etc. Many industries were guided for space electronics fabrication in Gujarat, Telangana, Karnataka etc.

Significantly contributed in Electronics hardware realization of Indian Remote Sensing, communication, navigation & Planetary Payloads (CHY-1, 2, 3, Mangalyaan, Aditya -l1).

Membership of Professional bodies: Fellow Member Institute of Engineers – Gujarat state EC member (IE – India), Institute of Electronics & Telecom Engineers (IETE) Fellow member, Chartered Engineer, Broadcast engineering society (BES) Life member, Astronautical Society of India (ASI) Council member.

Other Achievements:
1) Guided many students for engineering education and for career
2) ISRO Team Excellence Awards, Agra – Vibhuti Samman from Agrawal Vikas Mahasabha Gujarat.
3) Published more than 37 technical papers in National / International Conferences / Journals

Nischal Sanghavi

Technical Advisor

Varun Elangovan

Varun Elangovan

Technical Advisor

Richard Puthota

Technical Advisor

Senior Directorat McDermid Alpha
Assembly Solutions with 36+ years of experience in PC Fab & Electronics Assembly Materials. Tenured with organizations like NSP electronics, Innovation electronics, Taiwanese PC Fab Penang, held posts like Chief Quality Officer & Process Engineering Manager Currently Board member at ELCINA.
He’s a versatile personality, receiver of awards and recognition on the Global front in business development across the sector

Dipak Shah

Technical Partner

Started Roshani Computer Services journey in 1988 to provide training to students and engineers to enhance their skill. He’s a Master in Management Studies – Bombay University
Post Graduate in Computer Programming, System Analysis & Application
Post Graduate in Software Technology from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Fellow of Institute of Engineers – Chartered Engineer.
With wide work exp riences in Design and product development, department of Larsen & Toubro Limited,
Madh works, Bombay

Accolades & Achievements : National Merit Scholarship; Jawaharlal Nehru Awards for excellence in education
President of Baroda Management Association for the year 2021-22
Chairman of Computer Society of India , Vadodara Chapter 2015-16
Member of Managing committee of VCCI Life member of Baroda Productivity Council

Ramani Vanavamalai

Technical advisor

Mr. Ramani Vanavamalai, with 20+experience in the PCB Manufacturing industry
Graduate in Electrical Engineering. An acclaimed master trainer. He’s been with the core PCB manufacturing filed and as a GM operations in several companies.
Established one full project from project to production. He’s a Certified training Instructor with IPC on A 600. PCB
         A 610 PCB assembly
         A 6012 PCB manufacturing
He’s Conducted these certifications for many industries.


Mayank Panchal
Gopal Shah
Raj Vaghela
Nikita Shah
Nita Sanyaja
Bhavita Patel
Sneh Shah
Ashwani Kumar
Sandeep Vaishya
Chintan Joshi
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