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Through targeted learning opportunities, mentorship and robust partnerships, the business community can and must play an active role in encouraging youth to pursue manufacturing and other middle skills careers. Half the U.S. job market constitutes middle skills-reliant jobs, and without taking proactive measures to address the industry’s needs, we will continue to see the U.S. lose jobs to nations that are taking these steps. With careful investment and guidance, we can help students understand the opportunities that the manufacturing industry presents and create pathways to success for students nationwide.

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Our network is dedicated to Palatine and the surrounding community’s economic success! Aimtron Foundation’s programs are private-industry founded, funded and controlled. Investment in Aimtron Foundation will strengthen the emerging workforce through skills training and career exploration efforts that focus on educating and retaining local youth after high school and college.

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“We greatly appreaciate those that are interested in becoming involved with Aimtron Foundation as industry partners for their support and investment in our mission.”

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