"IPs & Patents - Various Aspects!"

Webinar Topic: IPs & Patents – Various Aspects!
About Anoop Kurup :

A technologist, and marketing strategist. His career journey started as a researcher at GE, worked on plastics, advanced energy solutions, and on Intellectual Property Rights.

In 2009-2015, he had an Intellectual Property Rights firm. Now he is into Marketing Strategy and Consulting, AI Software Development, and Automation technology deployments.

About Webinar:
In 1928, Walt Disney company released SteamBoat Willie. It was the first Mickey Mouse animation. After 95 years, that animation and character is in the public domain. But if you use it, Disney can sue you!!

  • IP can evolve from one type to another type.
  • Consumer facing technology and Design Registrations
  • Patents don’t give you rights to manufacture your invention!!
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