Overview – Asic Chip Design and Development

“Aimtron Foundation (www.aimtronfoundation.org) is organizing a webinar on Overview of ASIC Chip Development process and its Importance”, This webinar will be delivered by Experienced ASIC professional Mr. Ankit Gopani (www.asicwithankit.com).

Webinar on “Overview of ASIC Chip Development cycle and its Importance”

Know what the Industry wants!!

Hear it from the Industry expert, Ankit Gopani,”What is the Semiconductor Industry looking for” California based Mr. Ankit Gopani with 18+ years of experience is taking time out to bring awareness to engineering students on their interests in the semiconductor Industry and understand the importance of VLSI, ASIC, Chip Design, development concepts and its processes.

One of the Pioneers in the Semiconductor Industry, Mr. Mukesh Vasani, Founder & CEO, Aimtron Technolgies, USA, believes in “Sharing knowledge and empowering youth to pursue their full potential”.
Aimtron Foundation inspired by Mr. Mukesh Vaswani’s vision to bridge the skill gap between university education and industry need.

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email : skilldevelopment@aimtronfoundation.org

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