From a small village of Raichur district in Karnataka, Ramanna, a young man, set forth for the Big City with hopes and aspirations. Leaving behind his close-knit family, which consisted of his parents, a sister, and two young nieces.

Embarking on his career, soon he landed a stable role in the solar service industry. His parents, beaming with pride, soon found themselves at the centre of the village’s attention, they saw marriage proposals coming by. Their primary concern was Ramana’s well-being, believing that marriage would bring him not just companionship but also care, talks were getting finalised.

However, during his visits back home, something perturbed Ramanna deeply. He noticed that his niece was devoid of basic education. The long distance to the school had become a deterrent for the family to send her to school or to educate a girl child.

With newfound responsibilities of marital life, Ramanna made a courageous choice. Alongside his wife, he decided to bring his niece to Bangalore. Due to single small income, they did not send her to kindergarten but started home schooling her for a year. By now she was ready for 1st Standard academic education at the school.

The academic progress the girl made was astonishing. From a timid village girl, she transformed into a class topper. Despite challenges, such as being labelled the “girl from a small town”, she persevered, completing her schooling with distinction. Today, she aims of becoming a doctor.

The once static mindset that girls didn’t need education began to shift, in his hometown. His actions had not only reshaped a young girl’s destiny but also changed the thought process of the community.

It wasn’t just about a new job, low income, small house or the challenges of early days of marriage. Down the line his family expanding with his own two girls, financial burden was mounting but he ensured to support his niece to complete her education. Ramanna’s sacrifice and determination to uplift his niece’s life showcased the power of selflessness and sense of responsibility.

But here lies the debate: Would she have found her way if she had remained in the village? Was it the surroundings, the education, or a mix of both that gave her the wings? Was Ramanna’s act a mere fulfilment of familial duties, or was it a genuinely inspiring gesture?

Regardless of the answers, one thing remains clear: A single act, driven by kindness and determination, can ignite a change that lasts for generations.

P.S: Proud that I know Ramanna, could relate to all the milestones and challenges that he goes through happily! (hmm, this shows that I know him for more than 10 years)