Industry Gap Filling

  • For any growing country, strong education is important. Subsequent to education, a good professional life is desired. These are the current challenges faced by Academia and Industry, as they both have different goals and ideology. To bring this gap closer and to seek out both sector’s requirements, bridging is necessary.
  • Young pass out’s from Educational Institutes, Colleges and Universities, are in need of practical exposure to bridge this gap between industry and academia to enhance their competency and to enable them settle professionally.
  • The industry are in need of employees who are well trained technically, are knowledgeable, passionate, and willing to adapt to changes through ethics.
  • We, at Aimtron Foundation, provide this platform for both, education as well as industries, by our SPARK Skill Upgradation Centers (SUC) in Waghodia & Savli. There are different engineering trades where students are well trained e.g. Electrical, Mechanical, Welding, CNC, English Language, Computer Literacy, Personality Development, Tailoring, Fashion Design, etc. with highly knowledgeable and experienced faculties.
  • Thus, Aimtron Foundation plays a vital role in bridging the gap between Industrial requirements and Educational Institutions.