Faculty Development Program

It is imperative to strengthen the intellectual foundation in an era witnessing transformation in education system as per the current requirements of industry and future scope of technological enhancement.

Aimtron Foundation aims to extend its platform to faculty members, trainer and lecturers to enhance their technical insight, at pace with changing technology and demanding industrial requirements. FDP programme reflects the learning that ,

Programs we have done till now :

IoT with LDRP.
Cloud Computing with LDRP.
GIS with Balaji and SSIT.
Learning on Power Plant with BIT, SSIT along with L&T PTI.

We will be do the following :

Having FDP at our own campus.
Can come as expert and conduct the same at your campus.

We would like to invite our own Family members i.e. Faculties for registering with us for the following programs :

# Topics Total Days Date Outcome Eligibility Registration Link
1 Linux Basics 3 -- Learning the way to work with Linux as OS along with Shell Scripting and Architecture knowledge. Computer, EC, Any Engineering --
2 Embedded Systems Design 5 -- System Designing till PoC practically making. EC, CE who are already teaching Embedded Systems. --
3 PCB Manufacturing 15 -- Practically making the entire Assembly and working on the line. Lab Technicians handling EC labs. --