The course content is very well constructed. I like that everyone can learn effectively in a calm and relaxed environment.

Shital Gosai Student

It was such a wonderful experience at Aimtron.Thanks to all staff members and specially thanks to Mr Narayan sir, everyone were very humble and co-operative with students.Students can gain technical knowledge at Aiimtron that will motivate them in future.

Kalpesh Kathroteega HOD. Biomedical engg (Parul university)

Its was a great experience to visit Aimtron.I am very happy to see the live manufacturing process of PCB in your factory.Thank you so much aimtron.

Gunjan .k vyas Assistant Professor (Saurastra University)

The overall experience was very good at Aimtron. I really enjoyed myself & there were many things that we learnt, especially in manufacturing unit.

Aashay Parekh Student(A.D.I.T. Engg College, New V. V. Nagar)

I learned many new things the guest leatures were nice.The atmosphere was pleasant and good place tolearn.Loking at further walking with aimtron foundation

Vraj N. Shah Student (Parul University)

It was a good experience. I gain lot of knowledge regarding the PCBs. Aimtron also provides complete training course which is the best thing. The overall experience was very good.

Prothviraj Doshi Student(A.D.I.T. Engg College, New V. V. Nagar)

This course(Embedded Systems) is absolutely excellent . I feel I am gaining more knowledge and practical experience than ever before. The small cosy atmosphere immediately relaxes everyone and calm, straightforward method of explaining the most important information is very effective.

Hina Rathod Student

By visiting Aimtron ,I got an experience and some actual knowledge about the PCB manufacturing which we studied in book and I come to know about how to mount the components on PCB.It is a good experience.Thank you.

Bhavik N Prajapati Student (BVM)

Not yet but want to visit aimtron foundation.Because this session is interactive so i want to know more and work forward with aimtron.

Patel Tejas Jineetbhai Student (A.D.I.T)

It was a really a nice experience visiting your company. I am looking forward to study embedded system and training in aimtron or become an employee at aimtron directly.

Mohit Israni Student (BVM)

It was such a great pleasure to visit your industry which empowers the freshers and provide them a wonderful opportunities for their valuable career.In short its so nice of you people & your unit.

Mr.Jatin A Savaliya Phd. Student (Saurastra University)

It was an amazing visit and i am very happy and proud to see all types of machine.Also thanks to Mr.narayan sir to visit the company thanks a lot.

A.S.Rudatala Supervisior Instructor(ITI Dasrath)

Expert session provided by Mr.Bhuvan Unhelker on Bigdata is very effective and knowledge providing experiences and knowledge shared by hint is very precious.

Tarlika Machhi Trainer (Aimtron Foundation)

It is a superb experience to visit your company.I got very useful information regarding IOT's & all.

Rathod kuldeep N Student (BVM)

Presentations were very well structured, learned about various technologies used for makinG1:G18g a PCB , moreover emloyees & staff were very friendly and helpful . If we want to learn about PCB designing, Amtron is the best place.

Dhruv Rutvi .M. Student(A.D.I.T. Engg College, New V. V. Nagar)

Its very nice visiting aimtron again.This is second time I am here .I must say aimtron company is doing very well (expanding) day by day.

Parul H panchal Assistant Professor (BVM Engg College)

Training at Aimtron Foundation helps me to improve my knowledge, provide opportunity to build my career and provides me Corporate culture.

Chintan Kothari Student

Great Experience: Happy to acknowledge your upbeat efforts towards encouraging the engineers by providing various training opportunities & a clear vision.

Binita R. Khua Student (A.D. Patel Inst. Of Tech.)

It was first time for me to visit PCB manufacturing Company.We learnt many things about practical projects and also how hardware and software interact with each other.

Yogi Thumar Student (BVM)

I don't think so there is any better platform for electronics engineers to do their work in aimtron rather than other work place.

Ghorecha Mohit J Student (BVM)

I liked the session (both plant visit and presentation) as they were quite informative.,also loved the hospitality & response.Looking forward to see you again.

Harikrishna Parikh Student (Saurastra University)

I gain so much knowledge from this visit. This visit help us to understand the real life use of embeded system. I can't giveyou anything right now but I can give you a word "Thanks"

Ketulkumar A. Patel Student (Parul University)