List of tools we have and we are planning to have :

Cadence EDA tools – VLSI.
  Texas Instruments Collaboration with all the kits - Analog system lab starter kit, MSP 430 Launch Pad, Beagle Bone.
Xlinx Collaboration with all the kits - Spartan 6 Design Platform.
  Agilent Tools for entire Hardware labs - 16 channel DSO, 5.5 Digital Multimeter, Variable power supply etc.

IT Infrastructure

Computing facilities at Aimtron Foundation includes use of powerful computers customised to run simulation and design software.

All the classrooms and laboratories are W-Fi enabled along with the conventional LAN connectivity.
The smooth running of online video lecture sessions is effectively managed by the video server.
Cadence tool server linux based CentOS also holds space in Aimtron Foundation.
 IT infrastructure. Moodle Software (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is deployed to enhance the effectiveness of Teaching – Learning Procedure.
We have established SVN Server, LMS and all other IT tools to ensure the proper product development.