22 February 2018 - Social Activities and Aimtron educational support and leader ship for school, college, ITI, Villages, higher educations and JOB placements activity.
10 February 2018 - Gave Presentation about Aimtron Foundation and PCB Assembly Process.
12 January 2018  - Gave Presentation about Aimtron Foundationand and Aimtron Electronics by Ekta Mehul.
04 January 2018 - Seminar at Gorava ITI.
 29 December 2017 - Expert Talk - "Big Data Strategies For Agile Business" By Dr. Bhuvan Unhelkar
22 December 2017 - "Faculty Development Program", Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidyalaya College Facuties attended a Workshop at Aimtron Foundation on the topic "Internet of Things".
3 November 2017 - Seminar at ITI Alina
16 October 2017 - Seminar ITI Thasra
13 October 2017 - Memorandum of Understanding between Aimtron and BVM, Vidhyanagar.
21 July 2017 - ITI Electrician(Kamlapura) - Workshop and Placement
Gave Presentation about Aimtron by Mr.Narayn Parmar, Director Education.
Bio-Medical Engineering Students of Parul University for Industrial Visit.
Students of Mechatronics Department of Parul Uiversity observing PCB Manufacturing Process.