Frequently Asked Questions

To be eligible you should have to check the Eligibility criteria for each of the courses well defined with the programs.
That varies from program to program and to fill the gaps, bridge courses are also available.
This is entirely a different field where only EC Engineer can be recruited. So the competition with rest of the IT people which one faces in IT Company is not faced at all. It includes the practice and implementation of the basic principles of whatever is learnt in four years of BE EC. It is always better to work in the domain where you have earned degree for. Why to go to IT, when the jobs related to EC are available?
Yes and No. Yes since they do require Software Skills and NO since it will be taught as the part of the curriculum itself. We have subject called "CS for EE", under which topics like Linux, Perl, DS, CPP, etc. will be taught. Software Development skills requires logic.
Varies from course and companies. Ranges from 15 days to 6 months.
Again it varies. We have all the offerings: Full time, Part time and Professional batches as well (weekends).
Assignments - Each class will be followed by Assignments, these have to be completed as per schedule.
Projects - Projects will be given during lectures and have to be completed as per schedule.
All the online test and VIVA will be updated at the end of each module, depending on the "Skill Matrix System". Term- end exams shall be conducted as per the scheme outlined in the regulation of the concerned program.
Test will be taken on weekly and monthly basis. Examination hours shall be notified by the authorities.
Exams are mandatory to attain and absenteeism in tests without prior intimation or without genuine reason will be affecting the final scale Matrix.
Students are expected to observe honesty and sincerity in exams.
Yes, we believe in "let experts do their job".
Entire course is industry oriented and taught directly by industry experts. Entirely practical-oriented course.
Directly working on Projects and Tools with Research based focus.
Skill oriented approach where matrix be shared with companies directly.
Guaranteed Placement opportunity.
It depends on the scope of the project. Can be in group or on individual basis; however, assignments are surely individual based, where performance will also be tested, while Projects will be mainly in groups.
There is a huge scarcity of good EC Engineers. Within Gujarat itself, it is difficult to meet the requirements since the engineers are not skilled enough to be placed. Guaranteed Placement Opportunity.
Guaranteed placement assistance is provided by Aimtron Foundation. Skill Matrices (based on Industry Required Parameters) are used to communicate with potential employers.
Placements can be across India.
Within Five years of your tenure in a company, one would earn more than any IT Company professional, accumulative. Career growth starts from being Junior Engineer to Team Lead, interacting with Clients as well. Also onsite travel starts after two years of experience itself.
The fees are as per the course selected.
Yes, we do have instalment facility.